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Home decor

make your home more beautiful

Making interiors beautiful is our passion. We create exquisite accessories—from cushions to bedcovers and tablecloths—in a variety of styles, in vibrant colours or muted tones.


A wide range of fabrics gives us unlimited possibilities for fashioning bedcovers in any size. Unique bedcovers made to your own design create a unique atmosphere in your bedroom —this is our speciality.

We craft bedcovers of artificial fur, for example imitation wolf or jaguar, and in different designs—plain, quilted, trimmed and finished with haberdashery, bedcovers in the English style and modern covers to highlight minimalistic interiors.


Our relations with the most prestigious fabric manufacturers allow us to create cushions of any size for beds, sofas, armchairs, chaise longues and chairs. This enables us to help you plan unique interiors according to your ideas and imbue them with a distinctive atmosphere.

We sew plain, quilted and trimmed cushions, as well as cushions finished with decorative haberdashery. Everything is made to individual order, according to your wishes and needs.

Tablecloths, Doilies, Covers

There is no home without a kitchen, no kitchen without decorations, and these include tablecloths, doilies and chair covers. We craft individual decorations for tables and chairs according to a plan we work out together, taking care of all the details at every stage of production.

We create original and stylish tablecloths, doilies, covers and decorative chair seats, cutlery cases and many other home textile items. All of our products are the result of our long experience, proven solutions and trends in interior design.

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