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Our carefully created decorations give your living or dining room a unique character.

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Window and wall decoration

Window and wall decorations, selected fabrics, accessories for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or children's rooms create a HOME. Elegant and select accessories complete every interior and make it cosy.

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Decorative haberdashery, soft cushions and throws, quilts, skilfully sewn tablecloths, doilies and covers – all this creates a unique atmosphere; a place where you enjoy spending time.

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Decorative articles

Decorative articles for interiors in English, classic or contemporary style, make it possible to furnish every space to suit your taste and personality.

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Interior design

Window decoration


We design and create unique curtains, drapes, blinds, wallpapers and accessories for individual and commercial clients from all over Poland and the world. Modern, exclusive and stylish decorations for every interior.

Impresja - curtain salon


IMPRESJA Window Decoration Salon has been created for those who appreciate beauty and the finer things in life. In our work, we combine stylish window arrangements with distinctive and elegant projects for interior and terrace decoration. We put our heart into every project and piece of material. Extensive experience and long cooperation with prestigious manufacturers from all over the world allow us to make the dreams of even the most demanding customers come true.

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Projekty dekoracyjne

"Space is the breath of art."

Frank Lloyd Wright


What makes us different?

Over the years, we have gained the trust of our customers in the country and beyond.

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We are guided by the "as for yourself" principle, and our enthusiasm for work and individual approach results from passion and total commitment to what we do. We design and advise clients from all over Europe.

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Our curtains, drapes and other products will be part of your home for years, so we make sure that each and every piece of fabric and its sewing is of the highest quality.

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Complete solutions

For your convenience and to make the most of your time, we design and create not only window decorations but also complete wall and interior designs for living rooms, kids' rooms and terraces.

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Individual approach

Each interior and every home is different and requires dedicated solutions. That is why we work individually on each project to create tailored arrangements.

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Wide range of materials

We constantly work to make sure that you can choose from a wide variety of materials and interesting designs, so that your stylish arrangement is always a delight to look at.

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Our window decoration salon is all about people – experienced seamstresses and designers who put their hearts into creating accessories and unusual interiors.

We know all about decorations!


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Lambrequins – long strips of fabric – are hung on a curtain rod at the top of the window. They used to decorate drapes and add interest to canopies and window frames. Modern lambrequins – straight and arch-shaped – take various forms and sizes. When choosing lambrequins, it is also necessary to consider how they are to be hung: on braces, trousers or crease tape, as this affects its arrangement.

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Doilies – a fashionable and timeless detail on any table. Regardless of the occasion, they elegantly accentuate the room's design and add a touch of distinctive charm to the entire table setting. The abundance of original ornaments, patterns and shades make the everyday and festive table alike look exceptional and elegant. Table doilies complement perfectly traditional tablecloths to create a classic decorative setting.

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Cafe curtains

Cafe curtains are short curtains placed at the bottom of the window. They are still common because they are a practical and interesting window design element. They make for privacy while letting in light through the upper part of the window. Modern cafe curtains have various forms, from plain and elegant to embroidered pieces of art of rustic and romantic character. Cafe curtains decorate your room both on their own and in combination with lambrequin or traditional curtains.



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A vast number of satisfied customers guarantee your satisfaction

Alicja client

I can wholeheartedly recommend Impresja curtain and home decoration salon. I have already bought curtains, drapes and pillows in your shop twice. I have been very satisfied each time. Professional and quick service. Top-level advice – with an explanation and presentation of alternatives.

Weronika client

I recommend Impresja wholeheartedly! True professionalism and a wide range of products and perfect workmanship! The material of curtains is strong and durable and looks beautiful on the window. I will come back for sure!

Kamila client

Decorations in the kids' line met all my expectations and my baby loves them. We got a set of bedding, protectors and a blanket. Everything made of soft material of top quality. I highly recommend Impresja!

Emilia client

I have a beautiful table set consisting of a tablecloth, several doilies and chair covers. Everything made of robust material, perfectly matched to the size and style of my interior. The products are definitely worth their price. Professional and charming service.