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Pleats / Blinds / Shutters

decorate your window and change your perspective

Pleats are a functional solution in window shades. They are perfect for providing shade and complementing the design of your interior. The characteristic feature of pleats is that different degrees of shade can be achieved because they can be drawn both from the top and bottom.

Pleats can be easily adjusted to any type of window—even roof windows and those with non-standard dimensions and shapes. Pleats are especially well-suited to large areas with extensive windows. They are great for winter gardens, orangeries and large enclosed terraces.

We make blinds of natural wood. The wide range of colours we offer allows you to select blinds that perfectly match other elements of your interior furnishings.

We use only high-quality paint in crafting our blinds to protect the wood against moisture and ultraviolet light. Keeping the wood clean is very easy—all you need is a cleaning cloth or a hoover.

Fabric blinds—the most popular and most universal system of protection against sunlight. They have won the hearts of many because of their functionality and timelessness.

They are perfect for every type of room where shade is desired. By selecting the appropriate material, you can obtain a dimout or complete blackout effect. We also have transparent fabrics that diffuse light and create a unique decorative effect.

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