How do we create home decor?


We are proud of nearly 17 years of experience and many years of working with talented people in the home decor industry. We are glad to recommend reliable designers who can turn any idea into reality and advise you so that all your dreams and expectations come true.


With a view to your convenience and to providing the highest quality service, we take professional measurements of interiors at your home. We bring fabrics with us and help you select the right ones for your interior. This is a very important part of the design process because it enables us to realistically assess the functionality and appearance of fabrics where they are to be used.


After measuring, we get down to work. Our skilled seamstresses can sew almost anything you need with great care and attention to detail. We offer various sewing methods depending on the decoration you choose. Details are agreed upon individually.

Cleaning the window decorations

Our services include washing, cleaning as well as removal and re-assembly of window decorations such as curtains, drapes and blinds. Our experience and expert knowledge of fabrics guarantee fast service, safe cleaning and smooth re-installation.


Once sewn the decorations have to be properly assembled. We ensure the installation of curtain rods, rails, blinds and other elements to present the decorations in your home to their best effect. During installation, we take care to ensure tidiness and cleanliness.


In designing window decorations and interiors we cooperate with experienced architects, designers and renowned suppliers of various types of fabrics. All of this with the aim of seeing you gaze with satisfaction at your new, unique room or exterior decoration.